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Cabling/Drain Cleaning

In the restaurant business, you have plenty to think about. You don't need your sewer or drain lines on your mind. At Commercial Pumping Service, we can bring our experience and skills to work for your restaurant. From cabling to high pressure water jetting or even video camera inspection. CPS offers the latest, most effective cleaning methods for your establishment's sewer or drain lines. Find out how CPS can help keep your lines flowing.

CPS has the most modern equipment available to clear your line clogs. Our service vehicles carry various sizes of machines, cables and cutting blades to not only clear the line blockage but can also jet the lines if necessary.


If you have a drain or line clog, we will start by running a flexible, metal device down the line. This device is called a 'snake or cable' It helps us feel for any damage in the line and can dislodge most blockages. Most of the time, the service is enough to get a newer sewer or drain line up and running. However, some situations will require line jetting. We have several high pressure water jet trucks to provide powerful cleaning of your drain and sewer lines. A water jet truck uses up to 4,000 pounds of pressure to create a powerful stream of water to break through a clog and blow debris off the inside of a line wall. The water jet is very effective in removing dirt, grease, roots, pipe scale and other debris accumulation that builds up on the inside of the pipe.

Cabling is also an effective way to clear triple, hand or mop sink clogs. It is never convenient to have one of them stopped up and we know that you need your restaurant to be 100% operational to meet the demands of your customers.

To find out more about how Commercial Pumping Service can handle your kitchen maintenance needs, give us a call!

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